Endangered Species Series - Gray Wolf 50mm
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Endangered Species Series - Gray Wolf 50mm

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Endangered Series Gray Wolf 50mm

Our Endangered 50mm wheels are 101 A and made in the U.S.A from the finest white urethane. Each wheel in the series features an endangered animal and supports a donation to a non-profit organization that works to protect the environment. We are smart enough to know that consumption of our natural resources is damaging our environment. These wheels are action to support needed protection for the natural environment. You can help protect the environment while you skate. Endangered 50mm features the Wolf and helps fund a donation to the NRDC. To find out more info about them please check out their website at NRDC.org. Like all our wheels, Endangered Species are made in the USA from the finest urethane. Wheels made in the USA have a smaller carbon footprint and generate less waste than those made overseas. 

Ride great wheels and help protect the planet with the Endangered Series 50mm.

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