Cyril Bayon


Name: Cyril Bayon
Nickname: Cyril
Where are you from: Lille, France
Where do you live now: Lille, France
Years Skating: 7
Stance: Regular
Wheels and setup: 51mm Comic Pop! Underground Wheels, 139mm Trucks, 8" Oxelo Deck, and Harmony Bearings
Sponsors:Underground Wheel Company, Oxelo, Legacy.
Influences:Youness Amrani
Favorite Video Part or Vid: Emerica Stay Gold: Andrew Reynolds
Personal statement: Never put off til tomorrow what can be done today ~ Bob Marley
Goals: To travel lots and skate everywhere
Favorite tricks: Nollie Tre flip, Back tailslide, Switch heelflip
Favorite skaters: Lucas Puig, Eric Koston
Favorite spots: 7 Stairs & curbs
What you can't live without: Music
Where would you be if you didn't skate: Playing music in streets.