Daisuke Miyajima


Name: Daisuke MiyaJIMA
Nickname: JIMA
Where are you from: Tokyo
Where do you live now: Tokyo
Years Skating: 20 
Stance: Goofy 
Wheels and setup: 53mm Circles or 52mm Cleans Wheels, Indy 139 trucks, MxMxM 7.88 Deck
Sponsors:Underground Wheel Co., Harmony Bearings, Munchies, and ArktzInfluences: All of my friends, MxMxM crew 
Favorite Video Part or Vid: Goldfish, Listen, Penal Code, Trilogy (gino)
Personal statement: Night prowler
Goals: There is no goal.
Favorite tricks: kick flip, front k grind, cruising street, Japanglish.
Favorite skaters: Maru,Shinichi Ito, Yuji Watanabe,Shota Yamazaki, SAC crew, Bennet Harada, Gino Iannucci, Keenan Milton,Geff Rowley, ,,,,too many.
Favorite spots: Any good ground, Banks, hot spring.
What you can't live without: music, skate, beer, friends, sunday, Family.
Where you'd be if you didn't skate: : With the Police! and kick you out!!! hahaha--