Gabriel Martinez


Name: Gabriel Martinez
Nickname: Dr. Marti
Where are you from: Arizona/Los Angeles
Where do you live now: Los Angeles
Years Skating: 20
Stance: Right foot first
Wheels and setup: Underground 53 Trims, Skate All Cities deck size 8, Swiss bearings, cross bolts, black grip, Independent trucks 139.
Sponsors: Underground Wheel co., Skate All Cities, Non-factory Skateshop
Influences: Photosynthesis
Favorite Video Part or Vid: Eastern Exposure 3
Personal statement: Skate as if you were a feather in the wind.
Goals: Being productive and destructive
Favorite tricks:
Favorite skaters: Abijah Martinez, Randy Chew, Underground team, Stevie Williams,
Keenan Milton, John Cardiel, Danny Way, Lance Mountain, Ben Schroeder Chuck Wampler and on.
Favorite spots: I'll skate anywhere
What you can't live without: Life
Where would you be if you didn't skate: At the beach