Gary Smith

Name: Gary Smith Jr
Nickname: G rock, G smithers, Jerry Smyth, Gerrr
Where are you from: From Baltimore, Maryland but lived in Florida, California, Philly, Tulsa, Oklahoma. And every where between.
Where do you live now: Bmore
Years Skating: 18
Stance: Mongo and sometimes goofy
Wheels and setup: Hoodlum 7.75, 3.5 Krux highs, swiss, and 53mm trims
Sponsors: Vu Skateshop, Hoodlum skateboards, Krux trucks, Underground wheels, Nature Hardware, Ergophobia clothing, Dakine bags, Etnies 
Influences: My family, friends, and anyone who stays positive. (you can learn something from everyone, just give them a chance)
Favorite Video Part or Vid: Any Marc Johnson, way to hard to answer. Different ones for different reasons.
Personal statement: Take life day by day and always try and smile. Treat people how you want to be treated
Goals: Keeping it moving never be stagnant.
Favorite tricks: front five o grind. going fast
Favorite skaters: skaters that can skate anything.
Favorite spots: It's not the spot it's the crew. I can have fun on a parking block with the right peeps
What you can't live without: air, food, water and friends
Where would you be if you didn't skate: rollerblading.