Josh Silva

Josh Silva 

Personal statement: Don’t take life to serious because then everything you do feels like work! Just ride your skateboard it’s all for fun man!

Goals: to just keep progressing year after year for as long as I have left on my board!

Favorite tricks: nollie heels, nose slides, krooked grinds sw heels haha!

Favorite skaters: Cody mcentire, sierra fellers, jordan Ramhalo, Ramon Santiago!

Favorite spots: the local diy and any ledges spots, send me to some plazas and it’s a wrap waste the whole session at those spots hahah

What can’t you live with out: my family and friends !

Where would you be if you didn’t skate: probably working my life away misreble as hell doing something I hate, I don’t know honestly when I think about it it would really be something wack haha!