Mark Villero

Name: Mark Villero
Where you are from: Eagle Rock, California
Where you live now: Eagle Rock, California
Years Skating: 11
Stance: Goofy
Wheels and setup: 50mm Underground clean Wheels or Comic Pop! 51mm, loose ass Thunder lo's, and a size 8.5 board
Sponsors: Underground Wheel Company, Harmony Bearings, Blood Wizard (flow) Vans (flow) 
Influences: Good Times and anyone who is shredding
Favorite Video Part or Vid: James Hardy - Ride the Sky, Baker Video
Personal statement: I don't know.
Goals: To go Pro and to move forward with everything in a good way.
Favorite tricks: Ollie and Kickflip
Favorite skaters: Satan, everyone on the Underground team, Bryan Herman, Gabe
Favorite spots: Bonita SP, 
What you can't live without: Nothing
Where would you be if you didn't skate: I seriously don't know. Bad places.