Mike Gustafson

Name: Mike Gustafson
Nickname: Mike G
Where are you from: Bowdoinham, Maine
Where do you live now: Portland, Maine
Years Skating: 15
Stance: Regular
Wheels and setup: 50mm Clean Underground Wheels, Venture Trucks, Chapman Blank 7.5 and Shelltoe Adidas.
Sponsors: Underground Wheel Company, Eastern Boarder Skateshop
Influences: 1990's Era Skateboarding
Favorite Video Part or Vid: FTC's "Penal Code 100A", Eastern Exposure III, Real "Non-Fiction", Girl "Mouse", World Industries "Trilogy", Zoo York "Mix Tape"
Personal statement: Positive is the way.
Goals: To continue skating new spots, meeting new people and having fun.
Favorite tricks: Nollie Heelflips
Favorite skaters: Drake Jones, Bobby Puleo, Ben Skrzypek and so many others. Everybody I skate with.
Favorite spots: Federal Street, Portland, Maine
What you can't live without: Skating!
Where would you be if you didn't skate: That's hard to even imagine but I can speculate that I would not be very content. Skating has given me great friends, great times and great adventures! I owe skating more than I can ever pay in dues!