Rudy Garcia


Name: Rudy Garcia
Nickname: Rudy
Where are you from: El Paso, Tejas
Where do you live now: North Hollywood
Years Skating: 8
Stance: Regular
Wheels and setup: 51mm Comic Pop! Underground Wheels, Indy's 149, Foundation 8.5, Harmony Bearings
Sponsors:Underground Wheel Co., Dekline (Flow), Foundation Flow, and Crooks Skateshop
Influences:The Secret, Mother, Father aka El Bro, the homies
Favorite Video Part or Vid: Foundation WTF, Toy Machine Brianwash, Zero Misled Youth
Personal statement: It is better to be prepared. KILLINEM.
Goals: To go pro and to graduate from college
Favorite tricks: Backside lipslide
Favorite skaters: Mark Villero, Leo Romero, and Dakota.
Favorite spots: Any spot with a handrail.
What you can't live without: Food, Skateboarding, and Passion
Where would you be if you didn't skate: Tough one. I'll get back to you.