Ryan Farley

Name: Ryan Farley
Nickname: Farley
Where are you from: San Jose, CA
Where do you live now: Bay Area, CA
Years Skating: Half my life
Stance: Normal Footed
Wheels and setup: 51 mm Underground Comic Pops, Venture low's, Element Featherlight 8 1/4. Harmony bearings, FTC bolts, & Flick griptape
Sponsors:Underground Wheel Company,Orbit Skateshop, and Element Skateboards (flow)
Influences: Music, Mary Jane, Family, the homies, & good weather.
Favorite Video Part or Vid: Fulfill the Dream.
Personal statement: Practice makes permanent.
Goals: Come up!
Favorite tricks: 360 pop shuvs and nollie bigspin lips.
Favorite skaters: Karl Watson, Adrian Williams, Antwaun Dixon, Keenan Milton r.i.p., Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Jose Rojo, Caswell Berry, Ray Barbee, Andrew Reynolds, Brent Atchley, Darrell Stanton, Caesar Rosado, Nyjah Houston, and Stevie Williams..
Favorite spots: Downtown San Jo, any flat ground, San Francisco
What you can't live without: HOPE
Where would you be if you didn't skate: In jail, dead, or really rich chillin in the Caribbean.