Clement Oladipo


Name: Clement Oladipo
Nickname: Clem
Where are you from: Born and Raised in Waco, Texas / Grew up in Richmond, Virginia
Where do you live now: Brooklyn, New York 
Years Skating: 14... I think 
Stance: Regular
Wheels and setup: 54mm Cleans, 8.5 Killing Floor Board, 149 Independent Trucks and Hardware, Jessup Grip, Risers Pads, Bearings...?, 
Sponsors: Underground Wheels, The Killing Floor Skateboards, Jetty Apparel
Influences: Family, Friends, Southern Hospitality, 1990's Skate Videos,
Favorite Video Part or Vid:Every Part in Fulfill the Dream. First skate video was a game changer.
Personal statement: It could always be worse.
Goals: Getting my flexibility back
Favorite tricks: Pushing down the street
Favorite skaters: Too many to name
Favorite spots: The crusty ones
What you can't live without: My body
Where you'd be if you didn't skate: In the woods