Nick Gibson


Name: Nick Gibson
Where are you from: Fort Smith, Arkansas 
Where do you live now: Fort Smith, Arkansas
Years Skating: 15
Stance: Goofster
Wheels and setup: Olde 55mm Underground Wheels, Harmony Bearings, Independent Trucks, Anchor Hardware, Chophouse Skateboard
Sponsors: Underground Wheel Company, Boardertown Skate Shop, Harmony Bearings, Chophouse Skateboards
Influences: Friends and family, LIFE!
Favorite Video Part or Vid: Caleb Bagley "In The Cut" Filmed by: Jono Sinclair Check it out!
Personal statement: Live every day to the fullest.
Goals: Eat right and keep rolling as long as possible!
Favorite tricks: Switch Heel, Bs Ollies on Tranny
Favorite skaters: People I'm skating with all the time.
Favorite spots: Anything new!
What you can't live without: Friends and Family
Where you'd be if you didn't skate: Sitting in a cube getting the life sucked out of me daily!!!

Nick Gibson Steady Cruisen from Jono Sinclair on Vimeo.