Ryan Donovan


Name: Ryan Donovan

Nickname: Donny

Where are you from: Newbury Park, CA

Where do you live now: Camarillo, CA

Years Skating: 16

Stance: Goofy

Wheels and setup: 52-53mm Underground Circles or Clean Wheels, 8.25 Pizza deck, 149 Independent trucks

Sponsors: Active Rideshop, Pizza Skateboards, Underground Wheel Co, The Quiet Life, and my homies!

Influences: Van Wastell R.I.P, my older brother Chris, All my homies - Borchard posse, Agoura posse, Camtown posse and my SONL Fam!

Favorite Video Part or Vid: Geoff Rowley in Sorry

Personal statement: Live it up, we only get to do this once so don't take no for an answer an never admit defeat, roll forever an then some.

Goals: Keep livin an keep skating as long as I can, live a successful life with my homies and family and stay positive.

Favorite tricks: Kickflips, big spins varial flips and 360 flips

Favorite skaters: Geoff Rowley, Gino Ianucci, Van Wastell

Favorite spots: Anything and everything, and Borchard

What you can't live without: My homies and coffee.

Where would you be if you didn't skate: I don't even want to think about it, I have no idea, probably stuck in some dead-end job with no social life wishing I had something more