Todd Griffiths

Name: Todd Michael Griffiths
Nickname: Coho
Where are you from: Oxnard California
Where do you live now: San Diego California
Years Skating: I'll start tomorrow I promise.
Stance: Goofy
Wheels and setup: Underground Hard Punk 56mm, Wide Boards and wide trucks
Sponsors: Underground Wheel Company, Harmony, Old Star R.I.P., and Green Door Skateboards
Influences: Randy Chew’s moustache, only that.
Favorite Video Part or Vid: Ban This
Personal statement: "I’ve been a sailor who has never the left the land who
has tried to occupy an unstable mind with ridiculous dreams."
Goals: to live forever, so far so good.
Favorite tricks: Rolling
Favorite skaters: Wade Speyer, Peter Hewitt, Randy Chew, and Calvin.
Favorite spots: Concrete Transitions.
What you can't live without: Skateboarding.
Where you'd be if you didn't skate: Probably better off.